Yogi Tea


Yogi Tea blends tea with spices and botanicals to makes a wide variety of tea products.

Organic Lemon Ginger Green Tea Bags (16 ct)

Organic Egyptian Licorice Tea Bags (16 ct)

DeTox Tea Bags (16 ct)

Berry DeTox Tea Bags (16 ct)

Organic Chai Rooibos Tea Bags (16 ct)

Immune Support Echinacea Tea Bags (16 ct)

Organic Comforting Chamomile Tea Bags (16 ct)

Stress Relief Honey Lavender Tea Bags

Blueberry Slim Life Green Tea Bags (16 ct)

Organic Woman's Nursing Support Tea Bags (16 ct)

Organic Pure Green Tea™ Bags

Lemon Ginger Tea Bags

Kombucha Decaf Green Tea

Organic Beathe Deep Tea

Organic Honey Lemon Throat Comfort Tea

Chai Black Tea

Cold Season Herbal Supplement Tea

Tahitian Vanilla Hazelnut Herbal Supplement Tea

St. John's Wort Blues Away Herbal Supplement Tea


Made with in NYC
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