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GoMacro makes organic; vegan; gluten, soy and GMO free macrobiotic bars.

Organic Balanced Goodness Granola + Coconut Macrobar

Organic Wholehearted Heaven Almond Butter + Carob Macrobar

Organic Protein Purity Sunflower Butter + Chocolate Macrobar...

Organic Prolonged Power Banana + Almond Butter Macrobar

Organic Protein Replenishment Peanut Butter Macrobar

Organic Sweet Rejuvenation Cashew Butter Macrobar

Organic Sunny Uplift Cherries + Berries Macrobar

Organic Protein Pleasure Peanut Butter Chocolate Chip Macrob...

Organic Protein Paradise Cashew Caramel Macrobar

Sweet Revival Sesame Butter+ Dates Macrobar

Chocolate Nuts & Sea Salt Thrive Bar

Chocolate Peanut Butter Chip Thrive Bar

Caramel Coconut Thrive Bar

Wholehearted Heaven MacroBars

Sweet Rejuvenation Cashew Butter Macrobars

Organic Protein Paradise Cashew Caramel Macrobar (12 pk)

Made with in NYC
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