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Smart Search

Find in-depth information on thousands of products. Want to target products with specific characteristics like high vitamins, Good Fats, or non-GMO? You can narrow any search down with tags. For example, check out products that are "Vegetarian", "High in Protein", with "Probiotics".

Food Data, For You

Our team of dietitians and data scientists tag every product with handy badges that help visualize the data. When there’s a data point that we know you’re interested in, we’ll highlight it for you. And if there's anything you need to be careful about - like an allergen or an intolerance - we'll flag that too.

The Label Is Now Your Label

We're all a bit different. We think a label should take that into account. So we tailor all of our information and visualizations to you and your unique preferences, lifestyle, and diagnostics.

Play With Your Food Data

Our interactive visualizations offer clear information on every product. From the amount of good nutrients, to a map of the product's supply chain, to graphics and visualizations that change when you alter the serving size. Pretty sweet, right?

Explore Ingredients

We love breaking down food information into easier-to-understand bits. Come across a tricky ingredient like maltodextrin, xanthan gum, or beta-carotene? Open it up to get the scoop from one of our dietitians.


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